Medication Assisted Therapy for Drug Abuse


Addiction treatment in Alexandria, Fairfax, Woodbridge, and Springfield, Virginia utilizing Suboxone and Vivitrol therapies for opioids and alcohol use disorders. Telemedicine appointments are available immediately for consultation. CALL 703-844-0184 or email the doctor at to contact the doctor NOW. This directly contacts him.  Available 24/7 for telemedicine appointments when you need us the most! Also see us at NOVA Addiction Specialists - Alexandria, Virginia

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Also note that Sublocade, a once monthly injection for opioid use disorder has been approved and in use by the office.

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We use Vivitrol -Naltrexone therapies for Alcohol use disorder which are highly effective at decreasing heavy use of alcohol and allowing you to cut back drinking to more acceptable levels. Also available are acamprosate therapies and anatabuse (Disulfiram) treatments. There are numerous other options available to help you control problem drinking. Call 703-844-0184 to get a consultation today. Trying to quit on your own only leads to relapse ,and the accumulation of chronic medical problems, legal issues (i.e. DUI's), and loss of loved ones, who also suffer from collateral damage from their loved one's alcoholism. Also see us at NOVA Addiction Specialists LLC website

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We offer treatments for weight lossfood addictions, as well as numerous other addictions. There are numerous options available for weight loss and food addiction, many of which are overlooked. Call us at 703-844-0184 to start your weight loss journey today. Also see us at NOVA Health Recovery to schedule your appointment to start your recovery.

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We recognize the suffering that an addiction has taken on you and your loved ones. At NOVA Addiction Specialists, we recognize the importance of complete and timely interventions. We offer medication assisted therapies for addictions,which include off-label therapies as well, all evidence-based. For opioid abuse interventions, we include Suboxone (Buprenorphine), Probuphine inserts (implantable Buprenorphine), and Vivitrol therapies. In the next several months, we will be including injectable buprenorphine as well in the treatment of opioid addiction.These therapies work in preventing relapse and allow you to get your life re-structure on your journey to health. We also offertelemedicine physician visits so that the doctor can see you for your visits immediately and at your convenience from your home or even your car. Your prescriptions will be conveniently called into your pharmacy. We will be accepting most major insurances starting in the next 30 days, so check with us to see if yours is included. We can always work on adding your insurance to our panel. Until then, we offer superbills to allow you to submit the physician bill to your insurance for compensation. Our goal is to get you total care - fast and convenient.

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Start your journey to health right now and call us at 703-844-0184 or email us at - The doctor receives this email directly.